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Gundam-Inspired Mecha TMNT Toys

New Gundam-inspired Mecha TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Toys are coming!

I was browsing through instagram on my ACBA account and one of my fellow collectors @norcal_tf_tmnt_collector posted this:

And I was sold. Mecha TMNT Figures??? I need these. But there's not much information available to us in the US minus the DreamEx Twitter account that posted the images. So, I went digging.

What I do know about the Mecha TMNT stuff is that it's an officially licensed product from Nickelodeon in partnership with DreamEx, who has previously released an incredible line of 1/6 scale TMNT figures not too long ago. I'm personally a 1/12th scale guy, but for certain things, like the franchise which is essentially my first memory in some awesome crossover form, I will make an exception. The companies associated with these amazing works of art are Nickelodeon, DreamEx, Snap Finger Animation Technology Co., Ltd., and Heat Boys Animation. Please note, I'm getting what I can from weibo and Google translate, so if I'm butchering these names, let me know and I'll fix them. Like I'm pretty sure Snap Finger and DreamEx are the same. But I can't confirm.

Anyway, from there I found the video announcing the project (above) as well as pictures from the booth they have at some convention in China. At the booth they have their Version 1/prototype of Mecha Leonardo and the concept art.

From the design and what I could translate from weibo, there is a definite Gundam connection. Below is a screenshot of the weibo with tags/ats that say "HobbyJapan" and "GUNPLA" which I knoew connects to Gundam. But it could be a challenge, like hey "My Mecha TMNT" vs "Gundam" or something. I doubt it's a challenge, but just saying my ability to understand Chinese is terrible. But from what I see in the designs it's at the very least inspired by Gunda. Mikey's guns scream Heavy Arms, Leo's Shield looks to be based on the Original Gundam/Wing Zero, Don's cloak reminds me of Sandrock, and Raph's arms look to have some Shenlong action going on. Lastly, Shredder kind of reminds me of Talgese/Epyon. I'm holding out for a Casey Jones Deathscythe.

That's pretty much all I know and could find. I'm personally hoping for model kits because I think it'd be cheaper. But I can't tell. If anyone has any more information on the Mecha TMNT let me know, and if I find out anything else, I'll be sure to share. (Likely on some form of social media. So follow @fenixnests on social media.)


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