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Spider-Man Far From Home 4K Steel Book Review

This is my first post, so I'm going to get a little wordy and a little sappy... maybe a little TMI. So, if you want to skip straight to the review just skipped the first paragraph or two, or scroll to the last one. Keep in mind, I'm a movie enthusiast, not a cinephile or some high brow reviewer. I do my best to judge things based on the intended audience. That being said, I am definitely the intended audience for this movie, and my Blu-Ray collection is over 500 at this point, so it will be a very biased review.

Spider-Man is the Jesus-like figure of my life. I am not saying this as a joke, or to downplay religious values or beliefs, but when I breakdown the principals and values that I live by, mine are much more influenced by Spider-Man than Jesus. I know he's a fictional character and everything, it's nothing crazy, just a guy who is guided by the morals and values exhibited and practiced by a character in a book.

With all that, Spider-Man Far From Home seemed to be a fitting first post... that and today is October 1st, and my OCD really needed the launch to coincide with the beginning of a month. Anyway, the movie is already available on home media so I am not going to worry about any spoilers or anything like that.

In terms of the movie, Spider-Man Far From Home was a great Spider-Man movie. I'm still a little more particular for Spider-Man 2, but Far From Home was incredible. I especially love how the end credits completely change the movie. Just based on how good the movie is, I would say this is a must-have for Spidey and MCU fans.

The Steel Book-case from Best Buy, is a personal favorite of mine. Out of all exclusive cases, the steel books are my favorite. I once got a Target exclusive case, that had some great art, but it was all cardboard and really let me down. How are you going to make your exclusive cheaper and dinkier than the standard plastic one? For the collector's value and the dope art, definite must-have for fans.

Bonus Features are on the disappointing side. The highlight of the bonus features is the short film Peter's To-Do List, which covers the stuff Peter does before his trip. It's basically the scenes shown in the trailers for the film that weren't in the film. It is great and enjoyable, but also widely available online. And the lack of director/cast commentary really ruins the appeal. There alternate/deleted scenes are cool, but everything else seems like online content you can easily access on YouTube. Bonus features wise, it is a definitive bust.

Overall, I would recommend buying the Steel Book version strictly for the collector's value. However, I would not recommend buying the physical copy of Spider-Man Far From Home for any reason other than to have the movie in your collection. I'd say just buy the digital version if you can find it on sale because the movie is great. But the home media release lacks any features and content that make it worth it. It's not to say the features aren't good, but they're just not unique or anything you won't be able to find online.

Spider-Man Far From Home home media release gets a 2/5

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