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You Want This on Your Shelf - Toy Story 4 4K Steel Book Review

You definitely want to add this toy to your collection - Toy Story 4 4K Steel Book Review

Toy Story 4 is out on physical home media today, and being the collector I am, I went ahead and got the Steel Book Edition. The Toy Story 4 4K Steel Book is a Best Buy Exclusive and sells for around $40. $40 is a lot for a movie. So, is it worth it?

For Steel Book collectors, there's really little else I can say that would sway you otherwise. It's worth it. Personally, I really like the artwork for this steel book, both inside and outside. The Spider-Man Far From Home Steel Book had an incredible outside, but a extremely lackluster inside. The Toy Story 4 Steel Book is gorgeous through and through. I personally like the minimalism in the cover, and then the bold and extremely colorful inside. I may be projecting here, but it's kind of like the toys of Toy Story. The world sees them as just toys, but then you open them up and find this vibrant world that's filled to the brim; usually filled with heart tugging emotions. You can see the case and all it's glory below.

But, the Steel Book might not be for everybody. Especially at the steep price point. I try to justify it by saying it's the cost of two movie tickets, but yeah $40 is a lot of money for a movie. Especially considering I bought the first 3 movies in 3D for $30.

However, I still highly recommend picking up the movie for home release in some form. Whether that be 4K, Blu Ray, DVD, or Digital, Toy Story 4 is definitely worth owning.

I'm in the camp that the movie was not needed, however I am overjoyed it exists. I think it's the perfect ending to the perfect ending. And if you liked the film and the franchise, the bonus features that come with it incredible.

You get standard features, at least what I consider standard: commentary version, deleted/alternate scenes, and some trailers. But you also get amazing featurettes that really take you behind the scenes and into the processes behind the film.

From reading Creativity Inc., I just figured out the next Audibly Reading I'm going to do, Pixar does a full immersion into their work. Not only are they just writing and drawing, they go into the inspiration and history to really find the core of what they are creating. A beautiful example of this is the featurette Toy Stories, which features many people involved in the project and their stories of their toys. It really exemplifies the thorough understanding the cast and crew have of toys and why they are able to create such an emotionally connected movie.

There's also a featurette called Woody & Buzz which covers the amazing friendship and bond these two characters, and the actors that play them, have. Then there's just fun stuff, like focus pieces on the new characters and the actors who portray them. The Duck & Bunny one is particularly hilarious.

Toy Story 4 home media is the ultimate example of what a home media release should be. First off, it's a good movie, but more than that, it includes featurettes that really show the amount of passion and work that go into making a film. But even more impressive is it not only impresses, entertains, and makes you appreciative of the process, it inspires you. My Toy Story 4 Steel Book review gets a 5/5. The steel book edition isn't necessary, but in terms of a home media release, Toy Story 4 is everything you want and then some.

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