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6 Underground Trailer Review

6 Underground is directed by Michael Bay and stars Ryan Reynolds... Widdit

6 Underground's video description from Netflix's YouTube:

"Ryan Reynolds, Michael Bay and a metric f💥ck-load of dynamite. Only on Netflix, December 13."

That's pretty much everything I need to know. I am in. This movie looks hilarious and action-packed. Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynold's and Michael Bay's uncanny ability to shoot action sequences, hell yes. I don't need more.

In the heart of Oscar-caliber movie season and of course Star Wars, I believe this adrenaline-fueled madness is a must-have palette cleanser. Michael Bay makes fun movies, and sometimes he lands some dramatic impacts. The Island is my prime example of peak good Michael Bay movies, where Transformers Age of Extinction is a steaming POS. But if you go in with that expectation, chances are you walk away thinking, damn that explosion from that one scene was pretty cool.

Then there's Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds. If you're a fan of it, it seems to be available in full force. Dave Franco isn't featured enough in the trailer for me to fanboy over, but Corey Hawkins is getting more screen time and I think he's really underrated. Then there's Melanie Laurent looking like a complete badass.

The 6 Underground trailer looks like it is going to be a good time and I am excited to see it.

My 6 Underground trailer review gets a 5/5. It hits all the right notes for a fun, action-packed movie with healthy, borderline over, doses of comedy.

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