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Birds of Prey Trailer Review

The Birds of Prey Trailer seems a lot more like a Harley Quinn movie than anything else.

I'm going to be a little harsh here, so let me say that I am very excited to see this movie... but this trailer is very uneven tonally.

The music really throws me off. It feels a lot like the Joker movie but looks a lot more like the Suicide Squad movie. Which makes me feel like I'm trying to have fun while I am clinically depressed. Which, if it is the tone they are going for, they nailed it.

Then there are all these characters who I know nothing about and not really given a reason to invest any interest. Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn seems to be going through some major life changes, and I am invested in her journey, but everyone else doesn't seem to contribute. It just seems like a Harley Quinn movie. Which isn't bad, but again with the uneven tones.

Lastly, not even one clip of Black Mask's mask? I just want a glimpse of it. Hook me in, make me question something. Reel me into the DC Universe. The closest they get is Huntress's crossbow, which doesn't have much impact.

I am coming from a DC Comics Reader, Bruce Timm-verse raised, and a die-hard fan of the DCAU, perspective. So my bar far quality DC is on the pretentious side. But I feel, many of the like agree.

I guess the main thing is, it seems like a Harley Quinn movie that is going to do it's best to not focus on her. A team movie based on a single character that you will try not to focus on. I am excited to see this movie, but this trailer definitely has me questioning that at the moment.

My Birds of Prey trailer review gets a 1/5.

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