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The Gentlemen Trailer Review

I tip my hat to thee - The Gentlemen Trailer Review

I didn't know this was a happening in the slightest, but seeing that cast and those action packed jump cuts, I'm widdit.

First thing that sold me, McConaughey is not doing a British accent. Hearing him in contrast to the British accents intrigues me. I don't know if it's funny, innate patriotism, or something else, but it is the thing I am most looking forward too in this movie.

Then there's the whole organized crime aspect which usually makes for intense action and drama, honor among thieves is usually a great driver for stories. With Guy Ritchie directing, I really can't see it disappointing in any way.

Lastly, the set up of a British organization being disrupted Chinese/Asians feels like justice for the Hong Kong occupation. Not that that has any real affect on me, being born and raised in America, but it just makes me think of that. Plus, I'm always down to see more Asians on screen that aren't the old norm or the model minority.

Bonus mention, Charlie Hunnam seems to be getting some witty comedy lines. Most people know Hunnam for Jax Teller, but my first impression of him will always be as Lloyd Haythe in Undeclared. Hunnam is a highly under utilized comedic talent and I'm glad to see some of that talent being used.

The Gentlemen trailer is set up to be an action-crime drama that may hit The Departed levels. They certainly have the cast to do it, and the trailer seems to be pointing in that direction. This is a must see on opening day for me, so my The Gentlemen trailer review gets a 5/5

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